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Product name:Natural stone laminated on plastic polymer

Product price:¥

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Classification:Stone plastic polymer panel


Stone aluminum plastic composite panel is a kind of innovative decorative materila. it is very lightweight, can be save ship cos 

Product Structure:

Surface: 3-7mm thick marble or granite sheet,

Backing: 3-4mm thick aluminium plastic sheet

Max Size: 1200mmX2400mm

Main Application: use for elevator floor /wall/ceiling, countertops, table etc.

Main Advantage: This ultra-thin composite panel is very easy to install ,so it can reduce time, room and expenses cost.

Glue: very safe stone stone glue, we have exported this kind of panel many years, and did many test, it is very firm and safe to use.

Other Advantage: Light-weight, strong, smooth flat, strong anti-concussion, resistance to fire and anti-chemical corrosion, anti-efflorescent, long-time lasting to stop climates, and resistance to pollution ,easily to clean.